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Blogger Event | Bigg’s Diner #BiggerBetterSummer Event


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Bigg’s Diner | Bigger Better Summer Blogger’s Meet

Last April 5, Bigg’s Diner Marketing Team invited me as one of the bloggers in their Bigg’s Diner Pacific Mall Grand Re-opening event. During the chitchats, the team were already making oral invites for an event that will happen in Bigg’s Diner- Magsaysay Branch, Naga City on April 11. This said event didn’t mention what it was all about- but certainly, they are brewing up something for the bloggers, social media gals and guys as well as the digital media scene.

This. Yes, this Bigger Better Summer is what the event was all about.

Bigg’s Diner took a twisted trip for all the bloggers and social media practitioners and I spearheaded to get in touch with different bloggers from Albay area. On the List, I had Mr. Ritche Asagra, Mavic Conde, Joseph Austero, Grace Imperial.

Prior to that, days before, I was on facebook and suddenly a lady with a pretty cute facebook profile photo named Jacqueline Meghann Eleazar added me up and said that she’ll be sending me the formal invitation for the event happening on 11 April.

Bigg's Bigger bietter summerThe cute and really summery feel of the invitation sent by the gorgeous Ms. Meghann ;P

Was very excited to meet the team behind this kind of activity. Really. So, moving on, I had been coordinating with Ms. Meghann and Ms. Iris all through out while counting the days.

Ms. Iris Badillos, Marketing Officer of Albay Area of Bigg’s Diner was very accommodating and made sure everyone was aboard to this very exciting event.

 Our call time was 10AM at the Legazpi City Terminal and we were hopped in an in transit to Naga city by 11AM.

It was a long and gruelling time spent for traveling, esp that there are some bridges along the way that are in repair. So far, the traffic was not so jammed up esp in Pili, Cam Sur Area.

But with us as bloggers, there isn’t such statement that “That was a looooong way trip” esp with Grace, Joseph, Sir Ritche and I are on board, and we have that GOT topic. Grace and I never stopped talking until we arived at Pili Cam Sur area, I made a slow down phase and Grace went full blast. It wasn’t even a boring ride, it was full of stories and laughter.

We arrived in Bigg’s Diner Magsaysay by 1PM, yes after that 3 hrs transit and we haven’t gotten lunch yet and yes, the team was really really hunnnngaaaary hahha…

Well, our team was pretty accommodated by the mgt and got a heavy meal- ordering what we want- all sponsored by Bigg’s Diner- Magsaysay. I was struck with shyness but after hearing this tummy growl, I just shrugged off any inhibitions and digged for it.

A real twist:

We weren’t standing in line to order food, guess what? The new Bigg’s Diner system comes with fine dining practices, and yes, they got a new Menu up!

biggsemba dayout 1biggsemba dayout 4

What did I order? Nothing beats an all time favourite of mine from Bigg’s Menu: Cordon bleu + Large glass of Rock n Roll iced tea. Beat that huh?

Noticed Something? Yes. The Plate and the plating. Isn’t this sweet huh?  The food? Even Better! Truly to their new motto: Bigger Better indeed!

biggsemba dayout 3

Of course my favourite Iced blended tea from Bigg’s. Can’t compare this refreshig drink to any other iced tea in town!

What caught my eye in the menu while browsing it? This.biggsemba dayout 5

This menu is the Hoagie Jr. A Sandwich that  consists of Chicken breast, lettuce, tomatoes and comes with these awesome tasting Potato wedgies. Not forgetting to mention that awesome Garlic Mayo dip. Ohhh that’s super!

On the other hand, when we ordered potato wedgie alone, they have given another dip, Cheeze with some bacon bits- Oh it was HEAVENLY! haha

biggsemba dayout 2

Thanks to the waiter, Bryan, he told us that they have new place mats and ohh giddy doodle! Was happy to receive some copies. I know, this is cheap thrill but once you get on hold, you’ll see Bigg’s Diner’s placemats in a different perspective and for me they aren’t really placemats, they are visuals that makes the dining experience more memorable. Really!

The real deal, in the invitation, we were encouraged to prepare and to get up on a summer-y ish feel and of course, to wear something white. So that’s what I did, I wore a loose polo-ish top, jeany shorts and simple flip flops.

biggsemba dayout 6

Here’s a simple shot while Ms. Meghann did the hosting for the day. She was incredibly faboulous with her get up- really something for the summer. I think I got a girl crush on her too. LOL, but really, she is an amazing young lady!

biggsemba dayout 7

Junior Masterchef Louise was present as well in the activity with fellow bloggers from Albay and Naga City

biggsemba dayout 8

We all know Naga City deck and this pretty Gal is Joanne de La trinidad the one and only Naga City Deck girl right there. Getting all information up to date straight from Naga City.

biggsemba dayout 9

The gathering of Bloggers all in! LOL

biggsemba dayout 10

Sir Carlo Buenaflor- GM of Bigg’s Diner giving us a background for the event.

biggsemba dayout 11

This lovely summery center piece was made by Ben Francis Nasayao and the Bigg’s Diner Marketing Team. Awesome stuff right?

biggsemba dayout 12

The Drop Dead Gorgeous, hot sizzling hot lady, Ms. Rica Buenaflor of the power couple, the Buenaflors.

So before the introduction of the new set of Menu, we had an awesome time working on the games that were prepared for us.

Ms. Rica introduced to the group the new product the Bigg’s Diner offers, the #biggerbetterbiggs #TowerBuger and the Summer Drinks that is just so perfect for beating the heat.

biggsemba dayout 13

biggsemba dayout 14biggsemba dayout 15biggsemba dayout 16biggsemba dayout 17biggsemba dayout 18biggsemba dayout 19biggsemba dayout 20biggsemba dayout 21

Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, please see my Obra- TowerBurger Gourmet! hahha

This was so hard to bite to and it simply won’t fit my mouth, so what I did was, I chooped it in between and poured the dressing all over and used both fork and knife to get it all in my tummy.

biggsemba dayout 22biggsemba dayout 23

So, after all the games and socialization, here we have the awarding of the winners to our games.

biggsemba dayout 24

Ms. Jo with Sir Carlo

biggsemba dayout 25

Mami Shei receiving her prize 😀

biggsemba dayout 26

For the Nth Time, Kuya Joseph of Sleekfast receving another award.

biggsemba dayout 27

Mon with Sir Carlo

biggsemba dayout 28biggsemba dayout 29

Oh! The winners of the first group game,  From left to right, Joseph, Grace, Apple and Patty

biggsemba dayout 30

With Nadiné… a fashion and beauty blogger

biggsemba dayout 35

With the pretty Apple Allison from Solesearchingsoul.com

biggsemba dayout 31
Again, Joseph from sleekfast.com

biggsemba dayout 36biggsemba dayout 37biggsemba dayout 33

I really loved the bottle and its sand and goodies inside. This includes a pretty 4gb Flashdrive. Perfect for the blogger on the go!

biggsemba dayout 32biggsemba dayout 38biggsemba dayout 34biggsemba dayout 46biggsemba dayout 42biggsemba dayout 45

Ms. Mavic Conde of joysoftravelling.combiggsemba dayout 41

Nick of Nickastig.me

biggsemba dayout 44

Sir Ritche was in awe! from rasagrafika.wordpress.com

biggsemba dayout 40

Patty Peyra, a fashion and beauty blogger from Naga.

biggsemba dayout 43biggsemba dayout 39biggsemba dayout 47

And Me! Ha-ha! Well, I couldn’t even stay formal for a sec. look below on my reactions! ahha

biggsemba dayout 48

Yes, I am that L-O-U-D!

biggsemba dayout 49

Can’t help it guys, I am happy!

biggsemba dayout 50

The only time that I got to be able to be formal. LOL

biggsemba dayout 51biggsemba dayout 52

That #dropjawsmile thing all FAILED. hahah Joseph Nailed it! LOL

biggsemba dayout 53

Our Photo booth for the day! Feelin the real Summer Beat

biggsemba dayout 54

Bigger is Better Right Apple? 😀

biggsemba dayout 55biggsemba dayout 56biggsemba dayout 57biggsemba dayout 58biggsemba dayout 62

The Fluffies of Albay!

Me, Sir Ritche and Grace! (Missin you two!)

biggsemba dayout 61biggsemba dayout 60biggsemba dayout 59biggsemba dayout 63biggsemba dayout 64biggsemba dayout 65

This is the epitome of a happy blogger group. All were united and had a blast experience with all! 😀 Thank you to Bigg’s Diner for this awesome experience!

biggsemba dayout 66

Bigg’s Diner Team! Awesomeness!

biggsemba dayout 67biggsemba dayout 68

Of course, Me with the Man! Sir Carlo Buenaflor!

biggsemba dayout 69biggsemba dayout 70biggsemba dayout 71

With the awesome power couple, Ms. Rica and Mr. Carlo Buenaflor!

biggsemba dayout 73biggsemba dayout 74

Finally Met Nick! After some many invitations that I wasn’t able to attend, finally this time, we were able to have a little chat! 😀

biggsemba dayout 75biggsemba dayout 76

Awesome, Awesome peeps, Iris and Ben. 😀

biggsemba dayout 77

Selfie Time!

A Big Big Thanks to Bigger, Better Bigg’s Diner.

Happy and we are still ecstatic!

More Please?


Miss K.


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